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Oh my god. Please.
Eggplant lasagna!
Last night’s grub.

Dijon pork chops with sweet onions (sweated).
Grilled garlic asparagus.
Roasted Cajun potato wedges.

Real food. Real ingredients.
Healthy brunch that I have no reason to feel bad about. Not even the Tony Chacherie’s seasoning sprinkled on top - that just means I watch my sodium intake for the rest of the day. 😊
"Commit to loving yourself completely. It’s the most radical thing you will do in your lifetime."

- Andrea Gibson, in Hooligan Magazine (via murmurrs)

I really want to.

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Gorgeous AND good for you: Smoothies.
condescendingly tell people everything they’re eating is wrong, then proceed to charge them for the right information on what they should eat

on top of the fact that you have no credentials, certifications, or licenses to prescribe an eating plan.

I dislike that shit.

I signed up for FoodBabe thinking that she’d give me information, which yes she did, but in almost every email is a ploy to get you to buy her meal plans.

this got me thinking, as I’ve seen girls on here (and elsewhere) charge people for meal plans (as well as workout plans) that they’ve created that works for them, without having any credentials. and I know first hand than any credited personal trainer will tell you that they cannot tell you what to eat & that you’ve got to talk to a specialized nutritionist/dietitian, because they’re NOT CERTIFIED TO DO SO. because if that shit backfires because THEY’RE NOT DOCTORS, you’re looking at lawsuits. and it drives me nuts when I see this happening, because there will always be people who are too naive, or lazy, or just plain desperate (no shame, it happens) who will jump at such opportunities instead of going out and seeking a professional. lather, rinse, repeat.

So I googled her, and did some homework.

yet another self-taught activist trying to make a buck off of the information that we can find out for ourselves for free if we simply put the effort into it instead of mindlessly roaming the earth shoving food in our faces because the tv says to.

maybe I should look into getting paid for my persistence and my opinion.

don’t get me wrong, her recipes and info that she freely provides are nice and helpful, but they’re NOTHING YOU CAN’T FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. if you’re that lazy, pay a PROFESSIONAL WITH CREDENTIALS - someone who forked over their own money for their passion of changing lives.

I’m not trying to condone anyone. Just calling bullshit, because I would want someone to point out the difference to me.

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I like when people tell me that certain clothes aren’t for my body type. A total stranger said that to me when I tried this on, I turned to the mirror and said “really? Cause it fits on my body and it sure looks good to me!”

Omg. This. This is important.Some stuff IS poorly made and is unflattering on some of us (myself), but overall, if you like something and it looks GOOD, wear that shit. Wear. That. Shit.

Love avocados!